Why do you need premium domains?



Increase traffic – You will receive much more direct traffic to your website with proper premium domain name. You don’t need to rebrand. A smart redirect could increase Your traffic, and make Your business more professional. Never depend on one Traffic source. The key to success is diversification.

Create more efficient marketing campaigns – Create multiple websites in Your area. Everyone of them could cover a part of Your business, or be a representative of specific product. You can create a special website, which could help Your client buy specific product. Remember that You have only 2,4 seconds to convince someone to stay on Your website. Simple, one-site and direct website could make easier sale than mult catalog online store.

Get more trust – You are much reliable if You are representing yourself as a keyword.com, keyword.net, or keyword.info. Because You are an representative of whole Industry.

Brand You as an representative of the whole niche – All domains are well researched according to keyword relevance, and traffic generation. Do You know that sometimes plural form of the same keyword, could give You 10 times more interest? We are analyzing a lot of parameters related with domain, which We are choosing for You (niche relevance, CPC, bounce rate for the phrase, search volume, and mock more).

Get proper TLD for Your online venture – There are hundreds of TLD available, but all of them are dedicated to specific area of business. We will help to choose the best TLD for You, according to how much money You have, and what are the keywords You are targeting. Maybe .com is unavailable, and the price for it is to high for You. But there is hundreds of others TLD, which could be good for Your business. We just need to find something, what fits You.

Look professional (even if You are not yet one of the biggest brands in the world) – Proper domain, which is easy to spell, and generic can change Your couch business into million dollar company during the time, when You… are still sitting on the couch.

Increase Your sales – You can create another website to sell Your product. If You don’t currently have traffic, or You grow too much, and there is no place on Your current website. Professional brands are registering hundreds of domains, which could be used for different marketing campaigns. It doesn’t cost much. The only think You have to do is to trust the idea, which is behind this model.

Stay anonymous if You want to split test – You are not sure if the course, which You want to obtain is good for You? Buy a related domain, and do a split test. Check what people think. Don’t test on Your flagship website.

Secure the space around Your niche – In business You have to be selfish in from of Your competitors. Secure best domains, which are related with Your business, and redirect it to Your main website. Other scenario for You is to create a network of website, which could increase Your online sales, because You will have traffic source from different companies, which will be easier to manage, because each of them will have different domain.

Build Your image – Marketing is becoming harder every year. Mostly because people are overwhelmed about all of the information, which are attacking them from everywhere. You need to become creative to step out. You also don’t need a lot of information. Sometimes website with only image on it could put You on different level, and become viral.

Protect Your brand – There could be lot of companies from different countries, which could have the same name, but only one is able to poses the .com domain name. Even if You rebranded, don’t sell the domain. Redirect it for Your new website. You don’t want to lose lots of clients, which didn’t pay attention, that You changed name.

Cost effective – Well researched domains have something, what any other traditional marketing methods don’t have. They are targeted to carry specific information to specific group of people. Imagine when You are driving on highway, and You see posters on sideway. thousands of people see the every day, but how many of them are a real target? Well researched domain is a guarantee of targeted traffic. After initial purchase domain will cost you 10$/year for renovation. Not bad, huh?

Investition – Even if you will end Your campaign, and You don’t see use for Your domain anymore, You can always sell it with profit! There will be always high demand on well researched premium domains.

Diversification of Your Image – Every big company is preparing special domains fo their campaigns. Keep attention on what is being said on Radio, or TV. Websites are being created for specific campaign purposes. Why? Also for split test. Companies can test, how much commercial is converting, when they create website for specific purpose, and specific traffic source (like TV). You can do the same. Test Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Radio commercials, and redirect people from each of this campaigns to other domain.

Professional branded emails – How unique is when someone is sending you email from @keyword.com? Exactly. You are being a representative of the whole keyword.


Also remember! You road should not finish with one domain name (which is Your business website)!


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